Title: Lullaby
Author: Zipporah Zilberschlag ([livejournal.com profile] donnaimmaculata)
Recipient: Nasturia Clink ([livejournal.com profile] mad_maudlin)
Rating: R for disturbing themes
Warnings: mindfuck, mentions of torture, insanity
Characters: Ron, Peter
Genre: gen
Word count: 2500
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine. I just like to cause them pain and anguish

Request: Ron and Peter, slash or gen: Ron is captured and Peter is assigned to interrogate him. Mindfuck yes (for both of them), death no, please.
Summary: The words inside his head turned and twisted and created ghastly images that glided across his vision, like Dementors.

One of the first fics I've ever written was A Measure of Darkness for the Remus/Sirius Fuh-Q Fest, some time last year. Last week, [livejournal.com profile] babycakesin drew my attention to the fact that the archive was down. It is back, but as I no longer had the fic on my computer, I decided to take no chances and post it here on LJ. It also gave me the opportunity to change a couple of things I wasn't happy about, like the story around Kingsley.

Written for the Remus/Sirius FQF, but it's gen. Not hard to find Remus/Sirius vibes, though, if you look for them. They touch, they talk, they sleep in the same bed.

Title: A Measure of Darkness
Raiting: PG-13
Summary: Peter visits James. Peter visits Remus. Peter looks and listens.
Word Count: 3365
Disclaimer: Not my characters. They belong to JK Rowling & Co.

The challenge was: From Peter's PoV.

This is what Peter saw. )
Man in the Mirror, the fic I wrote for the [livejournal.com profile] mwppfqf, is based on an interpretation of MWPP as a group which had to fight more internal difficulties than generally assumed. Regardless whether one likes them and writes fun-oriented MWPP stories or whether one likes Snape and writes stories where MWPP gang rape all that moves, they are most often portrayed as a closed group. I think that from all we know about them, MWPP can be also interpreted in quite a different way.

And I felt the need to write down my ideas. )


Jul. 7th, 2004 06:38 pm
My ยง$#*% provider managed to fuck up my Internet connection again. I can't believe it. Well, everything has been going smoothly for more than two years, and that's probably as good as one can wish for when dealing with telecommunication providers. And they promised it'll be sorted out by tomorrow. Hm.

In fandom news this means I haven't been around much; but at least I managed to post my MWPP Fuh-Q Fest fic Man in the Mirror. Just in time. (My apologies to [livejournal.com profile] marinarusalka for being so late. It would have been sooner had I not been cut off from the Internet, honestly.)

It's not a particularly nice fic, so if you choose to consider MWPP as funny-fluffy-lovable pranksters with a heart of gold, you might not want to read it. But it's got Peter in in. And clumsy rape. I think that after what we saw in Snape's Worst Memory, it is legitimate to suppose that they had the prerequisites to make a very dysfunctional group. But this concept requires a more comprehensive post, and I can't be bothered to write it in an Internet cafe.

I have, however, employed my time quite well by writing 20 pages of Bill/Remus smut. The fic is thus finished (Thank God!), and as soon as my connection's back I will attempt to have it beta-read and posted. A nice, romantic story with lots of kissing and plenty of porn. And butter crumpets. I think Bill/Remus is my new OTP.
...for my own convenience.

I've been linking to my fics in the memory section and decided to include links to the two fics I've never posted on or linked to from LJ. Here be Sirius, Remus and Peter-centred stories. )
Seeing as I'm currently struggling with my Sirius/Severus fic, which is just getting longer and longer, because they insist on having some action and conversation before I can finally make them get down to business, I'm posting one of my older stories to keep potential readers entertained (and maintain a market presence - very important these days). In fact, this is the first fic I've completed and it gives the Bill smut I posted yesterday a bit of a background.

The Familiar and the Family is my take on Scabbers's first weeks with the Weasleys. Meet Baby!GinnyandRon, the Twins from Hell, and Bill and Charlie's Return.

This is gen, folks! Sparkling clean and mostly harmless. )
I believe I understand the way LJ tags work now, and will use my new knowledge for posting a smutty little PWP I wrote some weeks ago as a by-product of my Sirius/Bill slash for the BoozeFF

It features an adolescent Bill, Scabbers the Rat, and lots of Snape-centred wishful thinking. Read at your own risk.

Showerfantasy!Bill )



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