My second contribution to the [ profile] lupin_snape exchange has been posted. The prompt was:

Not established relationship. R or NC-17. After the death of Dumbledore, R searches for S and for answers. He finds him in hiding and they argue, perhaps even fight, but end up in bed. Tenderness, not hate sex, comforting of mutual pain. In the morning, they must go their separate ways. Tone: bittersweet

A straightforward, old-fashioned hurt/comfort fic:

Title: But the Loom of Life Never Stops
Author: Donna Immaculata
Summary: After the death of Dumbledore, Remus tracks down Severus in hiding.
Rating: NC-17
Genre: angst, hurt/comfort
Word count: 8781
Notes: Title lifted from Henry Ward Beecher's Life Thoughts: "We sleep, but the loom of life never stops; and the pattern which was weaving when the sun went down is weaving when it comes up tomorrow."

But the Loom of Life Never Stops

My Remus, btw, has always looked like this - looong before David Tennant entered our lives and made them brighter:

Single Father 1x02[(023726)16-00-52]

Very thin, with a thin face and good hair that falls into his eyes (canon!), in his late 30s and not too old looking, definitely no moustache. No scars, either, because Harry would have commented on them. I will never forgive the films for what they did to Remus. David Tennant in the scene pictured above made me instantly think of Remus Lupin; there's a certain loneliness and melancholia that fits him well.
Since everybody's doing it, here's my fic round-up for 2009. I actually did manage to write three things. Fancy that!

Frozen, Poppy Pomfrey/Severus Snape, PG-13, written for HP Beholder 2009

The Full Circle, Doctor Who crossover, Remus Lupin/Tenth Doctor, rated R for some sexual contents and general emo-ness

Not the Model Boy of the Village, gen, Sirius-centric, R (for language), written for the Big Bang Blackout and based on Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer

The last one, I am rather pleased with, as I managed to create a Dumbledore who's so ambiguous that even I myself are not sure whether I can trust him or not. I found myself believing him, even though I knew I shouldn't, seeing as I wrote him and knew what he did last summer.
Oh, look, I wrote fic.

Title: The Full Circle
Author: Donna Immaculata
Crossover: Harry Potter/Doctor Who
Rating: R for some sexual contents and general emo-ness
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Tenth Doctor
Word Count: 6,000
Summary: The Doctor wants to meet a werewolf and picks up a new companion.

The Full Circle )
While reading old LJ entries, I came across this:

A long time ago, I made a post about how Remus Lupin = Jane Austen villain. And look what I said:

When I was considering a HP adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility", I settled for the obvious cast of Snape as Col. Brandon (naturally), Sirius as Willoughby and Remus as Edward Ferrars. But this is nonsense. Remus doesn't have any of that moral integrity that is Edward's most striking feature. He should be Willoughby and abandon the girl in an act of self-preservation.

See? I knew it. I knew Remus would run at the first opportunity. And if he and Tonks hadn't died, he would so have abandoned her and Ted some time later - Harry's preaching notwithstanding.

*feels smug*
So I'm only at Chapter 5, and already I had my first moment of major squee.

I'm not reading my f-list until after I finished the book (which will be late tonight, I suppose). I have stayed away from any HP contents for the last three weeks or so and I'm entirely unspoiled, even for the most minor of things, and I plan to remain so. So, see you on the other side, then.
You know, before OotP and HBP respectively, I was totally sure (and very freaked out) that Remus would die. Now, that DH is approaching fast, I no longer am. I wonder why. It's either a) a false sense of security or b) I assume that now, with the Tonks plotline, JKR has something else for him in store than dying or c) I stopped caring about Remus. Hm. (Well, I'm certainly no longer madly in love with him like I used to. Now, it's more the comfortable "Oh-we've-been-married-forever-and-of-course-we-love-each-other-we'll-spend-the-rest-of-our-lives-together" feeling rather than burning hot passion, which is a bit sad, but not unusual.)

It is a bit sad, though, that I seem to use LJ only to talk about my crushes on fictional men. And that there are so many of them. What am I, twelve?

Anyway. If Remus isn't dying - who is? And why? (Apart from Snape, because - duh!)
So. First of all let me thank all you people who have not defriended me despite the fact that I seem to have abandoned this journal. I have not, and I am hoping to return to it in full swing at some point in the near future, though I cannot say when. I was also floored to discover that there are some people who friended me in my absence. Thank you and welcome. Problem is that I have rather lost interest in fanfiction. As far as I remember I only wrote two fics last year - both for the [ profile] reversathon challenge - and have entirely lost any inspiration to write more - and not only in the HP fandom, but in any and all fandoms I have ever been interested in. On plus side, I have started writing an original novel, which has to be a success when it's published because I desperately need the money - but that's only by the bye. Anyway, I'm sure you are all familiar with the symptoms so I will not bore you by going on and on about them.

All this made me consider how I came to love Harry Potter in the first place and what made me end up in fandom. I guess the books have always held great appeal to me because they didn't make me think. I studied fictional and non-fictional texts for the better part of my adult life, and there is always a part of my brain which feels obliged to question and analyse literature. Harry Potter, being a children's and a fantasy book, was ideal to just delve in and enjoy on a very visceral level. In a way, the books let me experience the wonderful feeling again that I used to experience as a child when immersing myself into fairy tales/adventure novels/fantasy books etc. Don't get me wrong - I love meta discussions, character analyses and wild theories (as I think should be quite obvious), but, being as they are intellectual by definition, they are the exact opposite of what the novels represent to me.

However, I am convinced that my evaluation of the characters is not an intellectual but a purely emotional process.* When I read the books for the first time, I developed preferences for and aversions against the individual characters that were entirely irrational. I only began to question my own likes and dislikes in order to justify or explain them in discussions, thus beginning to read the texts more closely and search for clues that "proved" my analysis is correct. I use the inverted commas, because of course a proof that one's analysis is correct does not exist. As we are all aware of, there are plenty of different ways to read and evaluate a character (which is one of the aspects that has always appealed a lot to me in fandom). So while I enjoy reading other people's takes, they won't change my overall impression of a character.

But this all isn't new. What I was really aiming at was presenting my - possibly lesser known - entirely personal opinions on some HP characters, all of them based entirely on my initial impression, which I have embellished over the years. Starting, of course, with Remus. )
Title: Glowing Embers (The Phoenix from the Ashes Remix)
Author: Donna Immaculata
Characters: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Character Death
Summary: "To the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure"
Disclaimer: Not my characters, I'm just playing
A/N: Written for the Remix/Redux Challenge, remixing [ profile] bethbethbeth's story The Man Who Lived

Glowing Embers
Following the confirmation of the Remus/Tonks canon and the subsequent - to use a polite term - discussions about whether or not Rowling has merely submitted to society's heterosexist pressure, I would like to ask a question that's always interested me: What makes Remus gay?

I am asking this, because there are many readers who read the character Remus Lupin as gay. And I don't mean the character's being coded as representing the idea of homosexuality on an allegorical level, which is quite a different thing. (A worrying one as well if people assume that making someone a vicious man-eating monster means that they stand for homosexuality, but this is neither here nor there.) What I am interested to know is what, exactly, about Lupin's characterisation makes readers think he's as gay as a tree full of monkey.

Because, as much as I like writing and reading Remus in slash pairings, I've never read the character in the novel as gay. (He reminds me far too much of my ex-BF for that, but this, again, is neither here nor there.) He's polite, understanding and witty, which, I realise, are qualities that are often contributed to gay men, because they are oh so full of understanding for us women, quite unlike their rude, insensitive, grumpy straight counterparts.

This is a serious question. I'm honestly interested.
I've made a worrying observation about my reading habits. I haven't been reading much fanfics lately, partly due to RL, and partly due to the fact that I have less and less tolerance for things that don't fit into my personal view on canon. Wading through the fics that I have saved for later perusal in the course of the last few weeks, I came across one which I liked a lot. It's got some of my favourite characters, it's got excellent characterisation, it's touching and well-written and lovely. But. It also works on an absolutely uncanonical premise, which I can't overlook, as much as I'd like to. This is something that happens a lot to me and stops me from sending feedback for an otherwide excellent story. As I don't want to point out that fic, I'll use a purely hypothetical example: Imagine this fantastic story, full of dark realism and understated communication, which works around the plot point that Peter is unable to cast the Killing Curse. In fact, the story is called "The Death Eater who couldn't kill". - No matter how brilliant the fic otherwise is, this uncanonical plot point would grate on my nerves so much that I would not be able to fully enjoy it. Am I too fastidious? I fear I am.

And because there is no fandom-related post without a mention of Remus: )
I was considering doing that "Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch and have your friends guess your favourite character" meme, but then I thought that it's way too easy. Name the thin dark-haired one and in you're likely to be right. Not much of a challenge.

Remus, then. [ profile] rosina_alcona promised me chocolate if I talk about him, and even though I don't really like chocolate (I like chocolates, though!), I'd rather eat chocolate than work. So there.

It's no secret that I like Remus - not because he's nice, but because he is cool. I've got a very strong impression of what Remus is like(1). In fact, it is so strong that I don't read fics in which he is presented in a distinctly different manner, because, if this is the case, I don't recognise the character as Remus. Thewlis' Remus, for instance, did nothing for me - the character on screen didn't match in any way with the image I carry of Remus.

Reviewers have referred to my Remus as: "bad", "evil", "ruthless", "immoral" and "slutty" and some have expressed their bewilderment about my characterisation of him. I have my reasons for writing him that way, and I claim that I extrapolate from canon and don't use characteristics that aren't alluded to in the books. However, I place a different emphasis.

Remus was the character I fell in love with and which made me read Harry Potter in the first place. While I liked him all throughout PoA, the moment that really did it for me was the quiet, "Well hello, Peter. Long time, no see". This simple sentence sent shivers down my spine (still does), and I was completely lost. In this moment, Peter is dead and he knows it.

The whole Shrieking Shack scene and the way how Remus was in complete control of it has been frequently discussed. Remus works his way towards killing Peter, but he does it slowly and deliberately. He doesn't rush in a flurry of hatred and rage. He quietly decides to kill Peter, and then he just as quietly decides not to when Harry asks him to. This is an action of a singularily cold-blooded man. This is what constitutes the foundation of my characterisation of Remus to a high degree.

Remus makes an appearance in two books, and in both books, he plays a major role during the climax.(2) It's worth noting that Remus is the last and only man standing after the battle at the DoM (Harry doesn't count, he's the hero), while fully-trained aurors lie around unconscious. If this isn't an indication that Remus seriously kicks ass, I don't know what is. Not only is Mr. Looks-Like-One-Good-Hex-Would-Finish-Him-Off unhurt, he also manages to prevent Harry from leaping after Sirius, lifts the curse from Neville, and is presumably in charge of keeping the others alive and calm until the arrival of any officials. That's seriously cool.

At the same time, he manages to maintain that pleasant, lovable facade that renders him invincible. He doesn't present a target, either because people like him (If handled skillfully, "being liked" does not make one a doormat. It constitutes a shield and a weapon, and Remus is certainly very, very skillful.) or because he does not respond to being provoked.

This is, in a nutshell, where my characterisation of Remus derives from. He's deceptive in so many ways, I can't even start to emphasise how much of a turn-on fascinating I find this.

(1)This is not saying that I know what JKR intented Remus to be, or that my version of Remus is entirely correct, and certainly not that my impression of him is the only correct one.

(2) Strictly speaking, he also plays a major role in the post-climax of GoF. "Lie low at Lupin's" spawned more fics than any other sentence in the books.*

*Apart from "Found himself on his hands and knees in Snape's office".

How does one create LJ footnotes?
I made a pledge. Remember my pledge? It includes the sentence "However... given sufficient crack and an infinite number of monkeys, here's how a Remus/Molly shag might happen (though I sincerely hope it never does, and if it does, I just don't want to know)."

Well, this was a lie. Obviously, I am a sick, sick person, as I couldn't resist writing a fic based on my own nightmare scenario, without the help of crack or monkeys.

Title: Black Tears
Author: Donna Immaculata
Word Count: 2220
Pairing: Remus/Molly, Remus/Mrs Black (Yes, I am going to hell, why?)
Warning: dubious consent, character death (2x), possibly squick, alcohol abuse, adultery, general unpleasantness
Rating: N for nightmare
Disclaimer: This is not my fault. Minerva McTabby is to blame, as are [ profile] fluffyllama and [ profile] laurelwood, who made me do it.
A/N: completely and utterly unbeta-ed; this was supposed to be a humorous fic, but... well... it took a different direction; also, it makes slightly more sense if you read the aforementioned pledge first

Don't read if you: a) like Molly b) are easily squicked c) don't believe in Remus' Cock O'Doom believe that Remus is sweet and harmless

Black Tears )
I, Donna Immaculata, do solemnly swear that my favorite HP character is Remus Lupin and my least favorite character is Molly Weasley. The mere thought of them doing naughty things together makes me whimper. However... given sufficient crack and an infinite number of monkeys, here's how a Remus/Molly shag might happen (though I sincerely hope it never does, and if it does, I just don't want to know).

Necessary plot device or deus ex machina: Molly's menopause being in full swing already, she works herself into hysterics about the state of Harry's socks. As all her family rather hide in some forgotten corners in a house full of Dark magic than deal with Molly's humours, poor, patient Remus takes over.
Who makes the first move: Remus decides that the only way to shut her up is shoving his cock down her throat.
Positions and/or kinks: Remus' cock down her throat.
Afterglow: What with her nose blocked up with snot, Molly chokes to death on the (considerably large) cock. Remus decides to hook up with Mrs Black next.
Would I actually read or write this? I would, if only to see Molly choke to death.

The sad thing is, this is a fairly plausible pairing. Thank God Molly is not hawt enough for fandom to explore it.
I said so some time ago to [ profile] neotoma, commenting on how to write Lupin, whose notorious passive-aggression makes it difficult to see him in action.

Now, I'm in the middle of Jane Austen's "Persuasion", and here's what she's got to say about Mr. Elliot, the resident villain:

His manners were an immediate recommendation; and on conversing with him she found the solid so fully supporting the superficial, that she was at first, as she told Anne, almost ready to exclaim, "Can this be Mr. Elliot?" and could not seriously picture to herself a more agreeable or estimable man.

ETA: quotes cut for length )

Of course, Mr. Elliot turns out to be a lying, manipulative scumbag, whose only goal is to make sure he's not cut out from the legal succession of the baronetsy.

I should take the opportunity to point out that I like the Jane Austen villain. Colin Firth's magnificent smouldering in "Pride and Predudice" notwithstanding, the character bores me to death. Wickham, now, Wickham is fun. His cheerful lies and charming insolence never fail to make me smile. The discrepancy becomes ever more evident in "Bridget Jones" (the movie), where Daniel Cleaver has much better chances to win my, ah, heart than Marc Darcy (here again, Darcy's redeeming feature is Firth's magnificent smoulder). I love Firth's Darcy, mind, but I don't love Austen's Darcy.

In "Emma" in particular I developed a major crush on the anti-hero (Frank Churchill), while Mr. Knightley made me roll my eyes in exasperation. Frank's got charm, style and panache, while all Mr. Knightley's got is integrity. Frankly, I'd rather be entertained. Her villains might be great coxcombs, but at least they're fun.

To come back to Remus: He's got exact that sense of self-preservation and carefully maintained facade that characterises Austen's villains. He lies and sidesteps neatly and is generally pleasant and well-liked. The only one who sees right through him is Snape, which, logically, would make Snape the Austen hero.

When I was considering a HP adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility", I settled for the obvious cast of Snape as Col. Brandon (naturally), Sirius as Willoughby and Remus as Edward Ferrars. But this is nonsense. Remus doesn't have any of that moral integrity that is Edward's most striking feature. He should be Willoughby and abandon the girl in an act of self-preservation. - In fact, this is what Remus does at the end of PoA, when he abandons Hogwarts (and Harry) because his condition becomes known and he finds himself socially stigmatised.
Hunting for Remus/Bill fics, I stumbled across this gem written for the RemusxBill Fuh-Q-Fest. Emergencies Only is a wonderfully realistic (and you know I am a sucker for realism) story written for the challenge Bill and Remus must go on a mission for the Order in Muggle disguise. Their car breaks down in a foreign country, where it's hot and the summer is in full haze. The authors, [ profile] arakne and [ profile] oneyedmoorsey make a wonderful job presenting the heat and the stress under which Bill and Remus are suffering. It's gritty and it's grimy, and Bill and Remus are pissed off and lusting after each other. The sex is wonderfully understated, yet amazingly intense. There's also sausage shopping and bugs. While the focus remains on the two men and their interaction, there also is a plot, which slowly unrevels in the background. Go, read, if only because of that: Silently, Bill slid his hands around to Lupin’s arse, reveling in the sensation of smooth, bare skin, and with deliberate slowness pushed himself upward. Lupin responded by slowly pushing back at him, all pressure and heat, the bones of their faces grinding as hard as the rest of their bodies.
Title: More sober than all sobriety
Pairing: Bill/Remus
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1337
Summary: Man, being reasonable, must get drunk.
Warnings: rimming, talking, drunkenness
Disclaimer: These characters are not mine, I just make them take off their clothes every now and then.
A/N: Set some time after Genesis. Written for [ profile] rosina_alcona, who asked for Remus porn to help her fight her hangover, paranoia and embarrassing memories of last night's debaucheries. I hope there were willies involved!

Willies are definitely involved here.  )
Meme, gacked from flist:

List five fictional people -- from television, movies, books, whatever -- that you had a crush on as a child (or early teens). Then post this on your LiveJournal so other people can be assured that you're as weird as they thought.

I started doing this meme and then realised that limiting myself to five characters is not possible. I don't remember a time when I didn't have a crush or two (or three) on some character or other. Hence, I give you five book and five TV/movie crushes: )

And on a similar note (and because I don't want memes to be the only thing that appear on my LJ these days), I want to take the opportunity to talk about another major crush, which is so obvious that I didn't include it in the list.

[ profile] neotoma asked about how authors would cope with writing Remus seeing as his character is largely defined by inaction and that his passivity gets in the way of action while trying to write a fic.

I, obviously, like to write Remus. I did have problems writing him when I started up as a HP writer, but now I've found my Remus and enjoy this character immensely, because his passive-aggression is a source of great amusement to me. Here's why )


Nov. 29th, 2004 02:29 am
A few weeks ago, I said that my Remus has no scars, because there is no canonical foundation for them; i.e. Harry doesn't mention any when describing Lupin's appearance, whereas he mentions the lines several times. Scars are much easier to notice than lines, so, no, Remus hasn't got any.

That's my canon-based reasoning. There is another aspect I'd like to mention, triggered by something [ profile] penknife said in a recent post of hers: "They're not book canon, and I think you can argue strongly from canon that Remus doesn't (for instance) have visible facial scars, because that's never mentioned in descriptions of him, and it's something Harry would notice. And yet I can see how I could use them to good effect in fanfic."

While I can definitely see how scars can be used to good effect in fanfic (or fiction in general, for that matter), I prefer to have Remus scar-free because of the increased angst potential. I feel as though being left without scars, after slicing his skin open month after month, year after year, would make the whole experience even worse than if he had scars left. Scars are important to remind one of what they've been through. Being hurt time and again without any visible traces is like having all bad memories erased from one's mind. I have my Remus secretly crave for lasting wounds and scars, because while they heal, he destroys himself anew each and every month. It's an experience of almost Prometheusian dimensions, and oh such good breeding ground for Teh Angst!

*pervs over UnblemishedSkin!Remus*
Well the characters are revolting... and pretty darn mad too. They have had it and are challenging you to justify yourself. The only real requirement is that you, as an author, and a character of one of your fics have a confrontation. No length restrictions or time frames. Frankly, I just want to know what the hell you were thinking. Please link to your original piece for reference and pimping, The Treacle Tart said. And yes, so I did:

Wherein Snape and Lupin pop by and cause Donna to turn into Donna-Sue
One of the first fics I've ever written was A Measure of Darkness for the Remus/Sirius Fuh-Q Fest, some time last year. Last week, [ profile] babycakesin drew my attention to the fact that the archive was down. It is back, but as I no longer had the fic on my computer, I decided to take no chances and post it here on LJ. It also gave me the opportunity to change a couple of things I wasn't happy about, like the story around Kingsley.

Written for the Remus/Sirius FQF, but it's gen. Not hard to find Remus/Sirius vibes, though, if you look for them. They touch, they talk, they sleep in the same bed.

Title: A Measure of Darkness
Raiting: PG-13
Summary: Peter visits James. Peter visits Remus. Peter looks and listens.
Word Count: 3365
Disclaimer: Not my characters. They belong to JK Rowling & Co.

The challenge was: From Peter's PoV.

This is what Peter saw. )



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