In fannish news, shiny new fandom is still shiny. I wrote six Hornblower fics since October. This makes it officially my second most proficient fandom after Harry Potter.

Apparently, all it took to get me hooked were pretty navyboys

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exchanging soul-searching looks

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and being angsty.

And so there's more navyboy porn:

TITLE: Fearless
AUTHOR: Donna Immaculata
PAIRING: Horatio/Archie
DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters. I just take them out to play.
SUMMARY: The morning after; Archie angsts and Horatio is speechless.
NOTES: For [ profile] eglantine_br, who asked for a “second-time” fic. Consider it a birthday present. I didn’t know it was your birthday today until I saw [ profile] anteros_lmc’s post, but I have planned to post it today anyway and am now very pleased with my timing.

In other seafaring news: I watched Treasure Island with a couple of friends last week, and we had a blast. I can't say whether it's a good show, but it's got Eddie Izzard as a very charismatic Long John Silver - and that's all it takes to make me happy.

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There's also some serious costume porn going on, Frodo goes mad and Gene Hunt is as masterful as ever.

Treasure Island is costume porn. )

And after we had watched Treasure Island, one of my co-watchers outed herself as a fan of Age of Sail kind of movies. And so I told them about that one show I watched, with ships and battles and naval officers, and if all goes well, we'll be watching Hornblower together one of these days. They will totally pick up on the slash vibes. It will be brilliant.

This post has been brought to you by my period drama fetish that I discussed at length before.
TITLE: Grounded
AUTHOR: Donna Immaculata
RATING: NC-17 for boyloving
PAIRING: Horatio/Archie
DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters. I just take them out to play.
SUMMARY: After the fiasco that was The Wrong War, Horatio feels like he has failed everyone. Archie helps.
NOTES: Porn. And angst. Porn and angst. In fact, an exploration of how many different angst factors can be crammed into one fic. I had all the porny bits written up for days when I tried to fill in the gaps with a semblance of plot, and I somehow went overboard on the angst. Also, hurt/comfort.

Set after The Frogs and Lobsters.

Sequel to Breathless

To my great surprise, I've finally managed to write more fic. I'm sure all those of you who have written several pieces for Yuletide alone are very impressed.

TITLE: Breathless
AUTHOR: Donna Immaculata
PAIRING: Horatio/Archie
DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters. I just take them out to play.
SUMMARY: Horatio and Archie are back in their cell in El Ferrol and talk about girls. Touching ensues.
NOTES: One line is lifted straight from Lucy Maud Montgomery, because it's fitting and beautiful.


And in other fandom news, I have managed to get myself an Archive of our Own account. So yay.
I've almost signed up for NaNoWriMo and I've written another Hornwblower fic. It seems there is hope for teh writing mojo yet.

TITLE: Burning
AUTHOR: Donna Immaculata
RATING: R for masturbation and voyeurism
PAIRING: Horatio/Archie
DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters. I just take them out to play.
SUMMARY/NOTES: And, with a jolt of understanding that set his entire being alight, he knew that Archie was pleasuring himself.

Burning )
Ever since I started playing in the Hornblower fandom, I've been trying to acquire some factual information about the Age of Sail, because I know nothing about seafaring whatsoever, nevermind the Royal Navy in the 18th century. I can just about tell where a ship ends and the sea begins; and seeing as I want to add some details to potential fics rather than have them shag in a fictional vacuum, I try to at least check what the uniforms looked like so that they can be taken off in a convincing manner.

I am distracted by all those crotches*. I mean, seriously, what the hell is going on here?

I mean, I'm not a stranger to crotches. I've seen Pride and Prejudice:
Image Hosted by
I must admit, I've always found this scene very disturbing.

Canonically, Hornblower has this gem to offer:

Look at his crotch and tell me that's not a wet spot right there! (Bear in mind that Horatio has just come from Archie's room, where Archie is being all bedridden and vulnerable.)

ETA: I forgot him. How could I have forgotten him?

*I'm currently writing fic. In order to get it right, I did a quick google image search for "French uniforms". It brought that painting to my attention, and so I spent 15 minutes taking caps and uploading pictures to illustrate my point. At this rate, I will never finish anything, ever!
Of course, I only ever write fic when there are RL writing assignment deadlines looming. I'm sick like that. But! For the first time in ages, I've written something that is not sick and twisted (yet).

The poor boys have been created to suffer, I fear. But for now, there's some fluff:

TITLE: Unfrozen
AUTHOR: Donna Immaculata
PAIRING: Horatio/Archie, pre-slash
DISCLAIMER: These are not my characters. I just take them out to play.
SUMMARY/NOTES: Horatio’s first weeks on board the Justinian have been miserable.
This is just a little bit of fluff to ease my way into the angst overkill that will follow soon(-ish).

Unfrozen )
I've got heaps to proofread and half a dozen of articles to write by Tuesday, but it's Sunday and I woke up with a fully-formed Hornblower fic in my mind that I've just written up. These seamen, as I won't tire to say, ate my brain*.

If you've seen Hornblower, it might be enough if I say that it's Jack Simpson/Archie Kennedy non-con. This is something that is heavily implied in canon and, in fact, when I commenced my fic reading binge, I was very surprised at the lack of Simpson/Kennedy non-con fics. It would never have happened in the HP fandom, which turned out a plethora of epics on the strength of the Snape/Black handshake in GoF alone!

*For the time being, these flings never last.

If you've never seen Hornblower, I would greatly advise to do so:

The Royal Navy. It's for everyone.

Ahoy, sailors )
Anyway. Evil!Jack threatens poor, petrified Archie, and the plot bunny of doom wouldn't let go. So there it is:

TITLE: Jack’s Boy
AUTHOR: Donna Immaculata
RATING: NC-17, very much so
PAIRING: Simpson/Kennedy
WARNINGS: Simpson. Non-con. Not pretty.
DISCLAIMER: These characters are not mine. The sick mind is.
SUMMARY: Not much of a plot, just my take on the Simpson/Archie situation and an attempt to explore Archie’s descent into the state of panicky enthrallment that he displays at the sight of Simpson in The Duel.
NOTE: I should say that I know nothing about life in 18th century Royal Navy. I take at face value the assertion Susanne Stark makes in Female Tars: Women Aboard Ship in the Age of Sail: “When ships were in port, women in skirts contributed to the atmosphere of pandemonium aboard ship, where the decks were filled with people "drinking, dancing and fornicating."”

Jack’s Boy )



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