Title: The Spell that Binds
Author: Donna Immaculata
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Gellert Grindelwald
Summary: The Auror Ron Weasley is sent to inspect Nurmengard
Warning: non-con of sorts, unpretty sex
Word count: 2600
A/N: You know how Harry saw Voldemort murder Grindelwald in the Nurmengard cell? Well, it's not true. Grindelwald lives.

Written for [livejournal.com profile] violet_quill's SLASH SUPERCHALLENGE for the pairing Ron/Grindelwald.

The Spell that Binds )
Title: The Master and Bellatrix
Recipient: 021, Clementine Sweetfoot
Author: Morosia Millovitsch, pinch-hitting
Pairing: Bellatrix/Harry, with a side dish of Voldemort and a mention of Sirius
Words: 3000
Rating: adult
Warning: The request was: smut, somnophilia, dubious consent, bloodplay, and mild BDSM; I added torture, mindfuck, and masturbation
Summary: Cruciatus is Bellatrix' favourite curse
Author's Notes: Your request of "bloodplay", dear Clementine, did funny things to my brain. This is the result. I hope it's not too gross for your taste.
Also, bonus points to anyone who spots the literary reference.

The Master and Bellatrix
I feel a deep need for cross-gen fics where the younger partner hits on the older one and gets rejected. Not because the older one gets all angsty and But-I'm-Old-Enough-To-Be-Your-Father and But-Your-Father-Was-My-Best-Friend, but because of a healthy, natural WTF reaction. I want the older man act older, in control and confident and not to be entirely overwhelmed by the attentions of a handful of young needy flesh. Sort of the absolute opposite of h/c Snarry fics with a dominant Harry and an angsty Snape.

I discussed my attitute towards cross-gen on another occasion. It just doesn't do it for me. I want the older partner to be aware of what's going on, look right through the kid's game and, possibly, be mildly amused about it. I want to see Snape laugh at Harry when Harry throws himself at him, not fuck him senseless to 'punish' him. I want Remus to frown and smile and talk Harry gently out of it (chocolate optionally). I want Sirius to overcome the shock of being kissed by his godson, seat Harry down and tell him that in spite of everything Molly Weasley thinks about him, he is well aware of Harry not being James.

Off the top of my head, I can think of three fics that fulfil these criteria:

[livejournal.com profile] dehkla's Harry/Sirius (Harry/Padfoot) ficlet; NC-17; warning: bestiality;

my own Remus/Draco fic; R; warning: frottage;

and, owing to my recent foray into RPS, Lassiter's Brad Pitt/Orlando Bloom fic; PG-13


It seemed that with every mouthful of wine, Orlando's limbs grew longer, and that he took up more of the booth without really moving at all. Brad knew it was a display for his benefit and he just watched, amused, daresay entertained and, sitting back, subtly parried. Orlando wasn't the only one with presence in the room.

Hell, yes! That's the reaction I want to see!

Any chance for being pointed? Anyone? Bueller?
Last week, it took my fancy to read Lucy Maud Montgomery's "Emily" series. I've never really been into the series as a child and have never owned and read the first book, so I hunted it down on the Internet. And then I met Dean Priest.

She heard him say, "My God!" softly to himself. [...] "How can I help you?" said Dean Priest hoarsely, as if to himself. "I cannot reach you--and it looks as if the slightest touch or jar would send that broken earth over the brink. I must go for a rope-- and to leave you here alone--like this. Can you wait, child?"

And then:

Emily knew he had been to college, that he was thirty-six years old--which to Emily seemed a venerable age--and well-off; that he had a malformed shoulder and limped slightly; that he cared for nothing save books nor ever had; that he lived with an older brother and travelled a great deal; and that the whole Priest clan stood somewhat in awe of his ironic tongue. Aunt Nancy had called him a "cynic." Emily did not know what a cynic was but it sounded interesting. She looked him over carefully and saw that he had delicate, pale features and tawny-brown hair. His lips were thin and sensitive, with a whimsical curve. She liked his mouth. Had she been older she would have known why--because it connoted strength and tenderness and humour.

Here, I had to stop reading and drink some cold water. Now, apart from the fact that I've got this insane thin-lips fetish (I'm probably the only person in the fandom who gets actually turned on by Snape's thin lips - instead of ignoring them bravely or explaining them away as being rather pouty, really, once one gets a better look at them. I rather ignore fandom!Sirius' lips being described as "full" and "girly" and - ew! - pink and - ewww! - fleshy.) - who could resist the connotation of "strength and tenderness and humour"?

But within a few paragraphs only, I fell out of love as quickly as I had fallen in. There are some things I do find disturbing, especially when they are voiced in passing and matter-of-factly. Then again, that's probably just me.

Behind the cut, Donna rambles randomly about pedophilia, respect, literary crushes and Snarry vs. Snack, but doesn't talk about men's lips as much as she intended to. )
Ruthless!Remus has been around quite a lot recently. About time, too. Would you believe that when I first started reading HP fanfiction, I seriously wondered whether it was an established mythological fact that "werewolves mate for life"?

An excellent example of Ruthless!AndYetCanon!Remus is [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli's The Most Riduculous First Name I've Ever Heard. After reading the fic, I forced a Remus discussion upon [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli, the result of which can be summarised in a few words: Remus is a friggin' psycho. Forget Snape and Sirius. You want a deranged man? Go for Mr. Lupin.

Some weeks ago I was indulging in reading [livejournal.com profile] essayel's fics on ff.net, and apart from laughing my head off at her parodies, I realised that I very much enjoyed the (non-sexual) interaction between Remus and Draco. There don't seem to be many Remus/Draco fics around, and so I had to write my own. It is not pretty, and not quite as smutty as one might wish for. I can't bring myself to write inter-generation sex, I'm afraid.

Remus enjoys tormenting a 15-year-old. Draco humps. R-ish. )
As you all probably well know, the Protection from Pornography Week is in full swing. [livejournal.com profile] sparrohawk had the cute idea to honour this occasion by writing pointless smut, and contributed a charming fic on her LJ. As I like the concept as well as her ficlet, here's my contribution. It's Sirius/Harry and, yes, it is NC-17.

Beware the Porn! )
Had a truly terrible day today, the result of which is that I'm not flying to England after all tomorrow. To cheer self up, I'm posting the second part of my Minerva/Remus fic )

And now if you please excuse me, I'm going to bed to indulge in self-pity.
The way I spent last weekend might be a good hint as to what my priorities are: In spite of all this important work awaiting me on my desk (and my computer), I drove 350 kilometers to get to a party on Saturday and drove all the way back home on Sunday, where I decided that I was too tired to do anything in the evening, anyway, and postponed it until today. Now there are still things left to be finished before I'll leave for England on Thursday. Tedious, annoying things such as writing three pages of company profiles for work, starting working on the film reviews and actor profiles for the other work, filling in boring forms for the tax office (who's been perstering me for ages now, because apparently I always get things wrong), and preparing for an important meeting on Wednesday. But seeing as I've got my priorities right, I will instead:

a) add LJ users to my list of friends (so if you suddenly find yourself on the list, it's most likely because I enjoy your HP slash)

b) start editing my Snape/Black fic

c) sketch an outline for my Tonks/Ginny fic and my Buckbeak/Padfoot fic (the latter one started me worrying about my sanity, but still, I feel compelled to write it)

d) post my Remus/Minerva fic:

I couldn't resist bringing my favourite male and my favourite female character together, if only for a short while. From Poppy's PoV. Part I )



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