It turns out, [ profile] hp_halloween, the Halloween-themed gift exchange, is quite a demanding fest: 70 double-drabbles, all posted on one day, ranging from fluffy rom-com to chilling horror tales... I have finally managed to read my way through this year's batch, and here are some of my favourites:

HP Halloween drabbles )

I wrote A Thinking Cap for [ profile] bonfoi, whose pairing requests included the Sorting Hat/Hogwarts Castle. How could I resist?

The moment I decided to give this pairing a go, I knew I would have to write it in verse form, because the Sorting Hat would sing his love to the Castle. So the challenge was to write a poem in exactly 200 words. And the amazing thing was: it worked. As I wrote what I thought was the rough draft, I fully expected I would have to do a lot of editing afterwards. However, it turned out I had hit the word count almost exactly on the first try - the draft had 199 words. All I had to do was change "mind-reading" to "mind reading", and I hit my target. I've no idea how that happened! It did please me immensely, I can tell you.
Over at [ profile] hp_halloween, the Harry Potter Halloween drabble exchange, posting has commenced. And I can't tell you how happy I am with my gift: [ profile] kellychambliss wrote the perfect Bellatrix, a connoisseur of death, traversing the realms of life and death, familiar with the secrets of the Veil. It's a haunting horror masterpiece in only 200 words: To and Fro
Thank you so much! Your parcel arrived today, and a cool-ass postcard is in the making.

I'd have loved to give you an Aziraphale/Crowley drabble, but I haven't started reading the book yet, so here's just a traditional cross-over to say, "Thank you".

Much too long for a drabble, because I haven't slept for 24 hours now and my brain won't cooperate the way it should. )
Sadly, I haven't got the time to read all [ profile] remus_remix submissions at the moment, but I've just read one which took my breath away. Mummies by [ profile] blue_moony is an increadibly tight, compelling read, dealing with Remus' pathological obsession and slow descent into madness. Based on my drabble:

Remus dreamt of pale blue eyes.

Remus dreamt of matted black hair, and a white face, drawn and wasted after a lifetime in Azkaban.

In more than a dozen years, he had got used to those dreams, used to waking up in the middle of the night, his body sweat-slick and shivering, his cock hard and throbbing. But he would never get used to the veil. The veil was new, fluttering ever so gently and exuding darkness so absolute it seemed almost corporeal.

Remus rolled out of bed and pressed his heated forehead against the cool window.

Sometime, he might forgive her for killing his friend. But he would never forgive Bellatrix for haunting his dreams.
What Is Your HP Threesome?
by elschan
You Will ShagSirius Black and Severus Snape
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

I am in bed already, [ profile] kaysha. See me sleeping... I haven't just skimmed through LJ and done a silly quiz.

To make this post a bit less pointless, I give you the drabble I wrote for [ profile] hp_remix. I missed the deadline, but since it was Snape/Black, it would be a shame wasting it, and it goes well with the quiz result.

Cut for NC-17-ness )
Inspired by [ profile] camillabloom's comment on my inability to spell 'Lockhart':

Title: The Return of the Muses
Word Count: 100

It was nice to be able to remember again.

Some memoried were a bit fuzzy, but on the whole, he was doing fine. Most memories were good: full of dazzling smiles and alabaster skin and firm hands and lush hair and sparkling eyes.

All his own, of course.

There was also another memory. Of smell and heat and wild.

He twirled his quill between elegant fingers. Joined handwriting wasn’t so hard when one got the hang of it. And with this title, a bestseller was a dead cert.

In lilac ink, Gilderoy Lockhart carefully painted the words:

Gobbling with Grims.


The next masterpiece is inspired by [ profile] mctabby's offer of absinthe poetry here. The Shrieking Shack incident (PoA) in a nutshell.

Cut for length, as it's in verse. )
So, I have been amusing myself with [ profile] prillalar's notorious drabble generator, too, and after having produced remarkable results, including a "germicidal dinner" (Sirius' and Buckbeak's), the wonderful sentence "Sirius' crotch began to tremble", and this immortal dialogue: "Ah, my love is like a dreamlike wary horse, all on a summer's day. I wish my Remus would shove me, in his own engaging way..."

"Do you?" Remus sat down beside Severus and put his hand on Severus's nose. "I think that could be arranged."

Severus gasped naturally. "But what about my verbal torso?"

"I like it," Remus said softly. "I think it's pretty."

They came together and their kiss was like an angels' choir, vibrating with a tender, divine melody.

I decided to Mary-Sue myself in one:

Shiny Love

Donna finished packing. Ever since Sirius, her own true love, had been lost at sea, Donna had been passionate.

There was nothing left for her anymore, nothing ate her, all was thick. So today, Valentine's Day, she was going in the dungeon to become a lissom bucket.

Just then, there was a candid knock at the door. Donna opened it and stood there hoarsely for a moment, before falling to the floor in a swoon and bruising her arse.

When Donna came to, Sirius was holding her hand and looking wet. "My love," Sirius said benevolently, "I'm sorry for the liquid shock. I've been shipwrecked on a silky island for the last ten years, living like the stars that shine down on us sinners. I was only rescued last week." He paused. "I lost my chest in the wreck. Can you still love me?"

Donna could hardly believe her Sirius had returned. "I will always love you, chest or no chest. Besides, you can cover it up with a melon."

They embraced meaningfully and vowed to never be parted again.

And all was strong.

The End

I must say, the fact that Sirius replaces his chest with a melon appeals to me on a purely punnish level.


Jan. 3rd, 2004 05:06 pm
I've been having fun catching up on some writing. Behind the cut are a couple of drabbles inspired by [ profile] hpsquick100, which I haven't posted to the community because - all of a sudden - the week would be over and a new challenge assigned.

Some light squick )
God bless different time zones, eh?

I've got a little pressie for you. It's cut for silliness and the Worst Pun I've Ever Written.

Le Grand Morte )
Why stop when I'm having so much fun?

Having lurked around the [ profile] hpsquick100 community since it's coming into existance, I only managed to contribute drabbles myself when [ profile] villainny challenged me to write something I don't write. So apparently, I write things I don't write because by writing them I state I don't write them. What does it say about human nature? Or about my nature, in the first place?

Anyway, the drabbles are both Ron/Harry (but that's not the squicky part) and are somehow... realistic. And to be found here.
I wrote my Very First Drabble today. Posted on [ profile] hpsquick11 here.

It is not that particular form of sex play that meets the "I don't do..." challenge. Nor is it the non-con aspect.

But: He doesn't cry!
The amazing [ profile] villainny did it! She did it! She wrote a Death/Sirius drabble, and it's oh, so beautiful.

For all you people out there who don't know Death: he's an anthropomorphic personification and, um, lives in the Discworld. For all you people who know Death: Go read!

The entire thread is full to bursting with wonderful, hilarious, darkish, witty HP/Discworld crossover drabbles, and even if you don't care for Pratchett, they're definitely worth reading.

I do care for Pratchett, and my first attempt at HP fanfiction was, in fact, a crossover. It didn't work for many reasons I better cut. )

I might be absent from LJ for a few days. A friend is staying at my place and he will force me to turn my entire attention towards RL. Some people are quite inconsiderate.



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