Hm. It's general election in Germany this coming Sunday, and I am still undecided whom to vote for due to the lack of any worthy candidates. Therefore, I've been playing around with online elect-o-mat (Wahl-o-mat, hier und hier) thingies to check out the Internet's verdict to my personal election dilemma. Apparently, the parties I am most compatible with are a radical right-wing hardliner party and Germany's major conservative party.

And here's me thinking I'm liberal.

*hangs head in shame*
[ profile] chazpure says in her latest post that she wants a time-turner to get all her writing done, which got me thinking. Hermione used her time-turner in PoA to get to her extra classes, and that left her tired and sleep-deprived.

You know what? If I had a time-turner, I damn sure would use it to get extra sleep. I can so picture myself waking up to the shrill sound of the alarm clock, and, instead of pressing the "snooze" button, grabbing my time-turner and propelling myself a few hours back to get more sleep.

That leaves the question whether I would encounter my sleeping self lying in bed beside me. Ah well. I wouldn't mind. I definitely would share bed with myself. Now there's an idea...

*is dizzy with tiredness*


Jul. 7th, 2005 06:08 pm
Oh my God.

I have no words. My thoughts are with you.
Okay, so I went to see Kingdom of Heaven. It made me realise one thing: Not only are all libraries connected via L-Space, no, all movies are, too. I'm sure the Reader in Invisible Writings could deduct the nature of all movies not yet made, never to be made and almost-made-but-the-budget-ran-out-and-then-the-star-topped-herself by watching the films that already exist.

It also made me think of the Trousers of Time, and how some characters seem to try to replay their fomer parts and iron out mistakes they made in the past. It doesn't always work out, though.

Anyway, to say it with the words of a friend of mine: How the fuck did they play those parts with no trace of self-irony?*

By Jingo! )
Don't you just love it when the cat yawns at you when you do something that it wanted you to?
Resurfacing briefly to voice my rising panic about the 45 texts at 27KB each I must write by the end of December. In addition to finishing the Yuletide fic and writing a couple of corporate articles.

And no, I haven't bought any Christmas presents yet.

I'm not dead yet, but I might be by the end of this month.

*goes back to panicking quietly*
My video recorder has taken over control. It's currently recording and won't let me switch it off. WTF?

I tried to stop, eject, reprogram... I tried unplugging! And yet, it's recording. (After I plugged back in, that is. I would be seriously worried if it worked without any power supply.) W!T!F!?

Can you tell I haven't been working on any fics lately? *spams flist with random RL info*

Teh Dilemma

Nov. 5th, 2004 06:48 pm
I'm about to take a shower and can't decide whether to wash my hair or not. Pros: freshly washed hair = soft and fluffy and shiny and can be worn open instead of being forced into an accaptable hairdo (which will fall apart halfway through the evening anyway). Cons: washing hair not only time-consuming but also superfluous, really, since club will be hot and smoky and hair will lose softness and shine halfway through the evening anyway. Time would be much better employed if I started writing that Sands/Satan fic I'm contemplating.

This does crack me up. Last night I asked people to share stories of the pervy games they used to play as children, and my expectations have been truly exceeded. Indulging in sexual experimentation with one's cousins at the age of eight is obviously the most natural thing in the world, as are spanking and torture. But what about Barbie BDSM brothels, bondage & ligature hog-tying, My Little Pony BDSM, nude acrobatics, Emperor rapists, Playboy photo shoots, decapitations, and transsexual spaceman-cum-Matron LEGO men? A child's mind is a scary, scary place...

I don't smoke, and I don't know my exact weight (more or less 110 pounds), but I can tell you, in a poor imitation of Bridget Jones, the drinks I had tonight: half a bottle of wine (white), one caipirinha, 5 vodka-with-lemon longdrinks. (If anyone wants to catch me on Y!M: I'm chatty, but very slow).

It's all [ profile] swatkat24's fault, really. She talked about Malory Towers in a recent post of hers, and I replied with (among other things): "Long before I knew about slash - even before I really knew about sex - I used to re-enact the stories together with my cousin, spicing them up with some raunchy pre-pubescent sex fantasies."

Pre-pubescent sex fantasies, then. There has been a lot of those. )

So, I'm curious. Is it just my friends who fooled around with those fantasies? Or does any of you have any skeletons in the closet? Tell me, I promise I won't be shocked.
No, honestly. Every time I forget to empty the rubbish bin before leaving for a long weekend (like, a Thursday to Tuesday weekend; or a Wednesday there-is-a-weekend-inbetween to Wednesday weekend) weather turns gloriously hot, thus influencing the contents of said rubbish bin in a rather unpleasant manner.

I've spent more or less the whole of the last five weeks being absent from home, neglecting work, life, and you. Babycakes, you're going to Vancouver? Grand! Stay in touch, hon :-)

[ profile] isiscolo - Many Happy Returns of the Day. (Of course, when you read this, your birthday's long gone, but there you go. Time zone problem.) Having just re-read Winnie-the-Pooh, let me use Eeyore's words to wish you lots of "Gaiety. Song-and-dance", and most importantly, "Here we go round the mulberry bush."

In other news: My Snape-enters-a-secret-door-at-Hogwarts-and-finds-Sirius-asleep-on-the-beach challenge fic is taking shape. Unfortunately, I wrote it on my Dad's computer when visiting my parents and, um, left it on his hard disk. I don't think I can ask my parents to send it. I don't dare.

My journal says I'm 65% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by [ profile] hutta
God! I've just finished filling out the most tedious forms ever. It's not that I think people shouldn't pay taxes. It's only that the entire tax declaration process is the most annoying waste of time I've ever gone through. The tax office's kept refusing to accept my forms for months now, and I'm refusing to spend a lot of money on a tax consultant just because he/she has an official stamp and is therefore respected.

So, my RL challenge for this year: Manage to make a tax declaration they'll accept. (It doesn't help that the Futurama episode in which Hermes Conrad is fired by Morgan Proctor and has to apply to get his job back at the Central Bureaucracy was on TV the other day. I think there's more truth to it than we realise.)

In other (and happier) news: I received my Snape/Black Fuh-Q Fest challenge: "During nighttime exploration of the castle, Severus discovers a door that leads to a tropical island. He also finds Sirius, asleep on the beach."

Definitely more fun than the RL one. Although Snape would probably disagree. Somehow, I don't think he particularly enjoys tropical islands. Especially if they happen to contain Sirius Black.



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