So, David Tennant, god bless him, continues to provide fannish inspiration. This is an idea that I've been toying with ever since I first watched Broadchurch last year. There are just so many parallels to Blackpool, I've never believed that DT has not realised it. Hence, it made perfect sense to be used for my metafiction/friends-to-lovers fic for the trope bingo challenge.

Title: Lessons Learned - A Best Practice Guide to Broadchurch
Author: Donna Immaculata
Fandom: Blackpool/Broadchurch crossover
Summary: The Blackpool vs. Broadchurch face-off, or: Lessons DI Hardy should have remembered from a previous life. Oh, if only he'd been a time traveller!
Rating: PG-13
Genre: crossover, picspam, meta
Word count: 800
Pic count: 45
Notes: Written for the trope bingo challenge, Round 3, simultaneous double line bingo using the tropes: metafiction and friends to lovers/friends with benefits

Lessons Learned - A Best-Practice Guide to Broadchurch
I've finished my first fic for the Trope Bingo challenge. And it is a wingfic!

Title: Pie in the Sky
Author: Donna Immaculata
Fandom: Discworld
Summary: Nobby Nobbs has a life-changing experience. So does Granny Weatherwax.
Rating: PG
Genre: parody, crack & silliness
Word count: 3000
Notes: Written for the Trope Bingo challenge: simultaneous double-line bingo using the tropes: wingfic and telepathy/mindmeld

With grovelling apologies to Franz Kafka and Monty Python.

Pie in the Sky
I saw [ profile] bethbethbeth post hers, and so I thought, Why not? I've never done a bingo challenge before. So here's my first bingo card ever:

holidayfic indecent proposal au: historical bets / wagers chosen family
trapped in a dream marriage road trip sex pollen bodyswap
forbidden fruit mind control FREE

rites of passage / coming of age in vino veritas / drunkfic
metafiction locked in role reversal soul bonding / soulmates telepathy / mindmeld
friends to lovers / friends with benefits language and translation au: college / highschool trust and vows wingfic

Thank god I can do them all. I've never done wingfic before (or read one, for that matter), but because I like a challenge, I did not ask to exclude anything, even though I did briefly consider excluding wingfic. Or mpreg.

Let's see how it goes!



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