So, The Time of the Doctor. Peter Capaldi is here, and thank fuck for that. I never got into Matt Smith's Doctor, and I can get into everything Peter Capaldi does. Perhaps he'll help me enjoy Doctor Who again.

But all I want right now is a fic where Ten regenerates and Spoiler ) because of vanity issues. He could do it when Martha was there, and there'd be much rejoicing on her part (because to Martha his looks did matter), or when Donna was there and she can't believe it ("You like this scrawny thing?") or when Jack was there, and he would mock the Doctor mercilessly, but then the Doctor would still get a shag out of it.
Okay, so I'm the first to admit that I've fallen out of love with Doctor Who. I still watch it, but it's on a rather meh basis.

But: I did watch The Day of the Doctor (and am meh about it):

a) I, um, didn't understand the central conflict: I mean the reason why the Doctor in the time window between Eight and Nine did what he did was because he wanted to annihilate the Daleks and put an end to the war and the killing once and for all, right?

But Ten and Eleven knew that the Daleks would be back at least once per season. So... why not mention it casually at some point? Did it not occur to anyone that this might be an argument worth considering under the circumstances? Certainly a better argument than having Rose and Clara* whine wide-eyededly to think about the children.

b) I miss David Tennant. He was so hawt as the Doctor, it's unreal. I never knew how much I missed him until I watched him being delightful in Day of the Doctor. Shame one of his seasons was wasted on him being unbearable with Rose and another on him being horrible to Martha. I will have to rewatch the Catherine Tate series, she was a good companion.

c) I am looking forward to Peter Capaldi. I never realised how little I care about Matt Smith's Doctor until I saw him in company with the others. I hope Peter Capaldi will bring back some of my old love for the Doctor, he's usually very good at making me love him in anything he does. He's very talented like that.

*I don't see the point of Clara. I know many people like her, but she's so... wide-eyed and cute. And good with children. And... that's it. Once upon a time, her special skill was "being good with computers", but that hasn't been mentioned lately.
Yes, I am lagging behind.

I have finally started to watch the current Doctor Who season. I watched The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon the other day, and whilst I really like the creepy atmosphere (even the over-the-top haunted orphanage!), I couldn't help thinking 'this is silly!' all the way through Day of the Moon.

In The Impossible Astronaut, the aliens worked for me. They were brilliant. The idea to give him those properties was chilling.

But basing an invasion on Spoilers )
So, the 11th Doctor has been announced. I don't have an opinion on Mr. Smith himself, but I was secretly hoping for someone old, grumpy and grandfatherly or for Nick Frost.

In other words: Someone who's not likely to become the object of lust for crazed teenage girls.

(Seriously, though: Nick Frost!)



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